Tips for escaping ROTOFOBIA escape room adventures!


Check out these tips that will help you to escape Rotofobia!



  1. Don`t over think! Don’t over think any of the puzzles. Escape adventure is meant to be fun for a larger audience, which means that it usually doesn`t require prior knowledge, experience or a complicated explanation for anything.


  1. Listen to your teammates! If your teammate has a crazy but somewhat reasonable idea, listen and try it! As long as the crazy idea is reversible, it might just move you closer to the final solution. At the very least, it will be fun!


  1. It`s ok to lose! Enjoy yourselves, and embrace the escape game and your friends, not the outcome, and you will have lots of fun!


  1. Yes to thorough search, no to excessive force! Be thorough when searching the room – look and touch everywhere, but avoid forcing open any doors/drawers or detaching anything from the walls that doesn`t easily come off.


  1. Ask for hints! You have a chance to ask for the hints during the escape adventure game, so do ask for hints whenever you feel overly stuck or have stopped having fun!


  1. Listen to your host Listen to the intro and rules before your escape adventure game – it might give you some helpful hints and save some time during the game J


  1. Communicate what you find! Escape games are won and lost based on how quickly team members who find related items can match them together.


  1. Teamwork! If you’ve been working on a puzzle for too long and can’t figure out the solution, enlist a team member to help or take over the puzzle!


  1. Work on what other people aren’t working on! This helps spread apart your team and have each team member contribute to escape! There’s a tendency to dismiss or skip puzzles that are “too hard” at first glance. This leaves some puzzles forgotten and undone until someone realizes that they’re crucial to progress.


  1. Make a “discard pile” Separate objects in the escape game into a “used” pile and an “unused” pile – that will help to prevent team members from examining the same object again and again. And once something has been used in the game…it`s very unlikely to be needed for another task.


  1. Keep used keys in the locks they`ve unlocked. A key is almost never used more than once. Leave it in the lock it unlocked! This will help prevent the key from being used again, prevent someone else from trying out another key on the lock, and prevent you from accidentally locking the object again.


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Good luck!

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