ROTOFOBIA Escape Adventure will open May 19, 2017


Rotofobia Rotorua Review
Rotofobia Rotorua Review

The charming old building on 1282 Hinemoa Street in the CBD of Rotorua is back to life with the new escape adventure house opening its doors this Friday, May 19th adding even more entertainment options to ever growing entertainment scene of Rotorua.


Real-life escape adventure games are a relatively new form of interactive entertainment taking the world by storm. You are locked in a room with a team of your choice and given 60 minutes to escape! Rooms are usually telling a story, there are lots of locks, keys, puzzles and riddles and it`s all about team work, communication, mystery, heaps of fun for the brain cells and excitement for all senses!


Rotofobia team is proud to present its first escape adventure titled: “One Hell of a Kitchen”.

The story is set in a kitchen of a fancy restaurant that has a chef with one hell of a hobby… The players get locked up by the chef and have 60 minutes to escape.


Two more escape adventures titled “Steal it if you can” and “Stripclub” (strictly 18+) are planned to be opened soon, with space for a few more rooms later on.


Escape adventure games are a fun and engaging activity for groups of friends, date nights, families, travelers and team building events. Rotofobia Escape Adventure is also able to host private parties and events, so that the game can be combined with an event after the game.


Bookings can be placed through the website


Rotofobia Escape Adventure is located at: 1282 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua 3010


For more information please contact: Inga Eglite


Cell Phone: 021 201 2743





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