Tips for escaping ROTOFOBIA escape room adventures!


Check out these tips that will help you to escape Rotofobia!



  1. Don`t over think! Don’t over think any of the puzzles. Escape adventure is meant to be fun for a larger audience, which means that it usually doesn`t require prior knowledge, experience or a complicated explanation for anything.


  1. Listen to your teammates! If your teammate has a crazy but somewhat reasonable idea, listen and try it! As long as the crazy idea is reversible, it might just move you closer to the final solution. At the very least, it will be fun!


  1. It`s ok to lose! Enjoy yourselves, and embrace the escape game and your friends, not the outcome, and you will have lots of fun!


  1. Yes to thorough search, no to excessive force! Be thorough when searching the room – look and touch everywhere, but avoid forcing open any doors/drawers or detaching anything from the walls that doesn`t easily come off.


  1. Ask for hints! You have a chance to ask for the hints during the escape adventure game, so do ask for hints whenever you feel overly stuck or have stopped having fun!


  1. Listen to your host Listen to the intro and rules before your escape adventure game – it might give you some helpful hints and save some time during the game J


  1. Communicate what you find! Escape games are won and lost based on how quickly team members who find related items can match them together.


  1. Teamwork! If you’ve been working on a puzzle for too long and can’t figure out the solution, enlist a team member to help or take over the puzzle!


  1. Work on what other people aren’t working on! This helps spread apart your team and have each team member contribute to escape! There’s a tendency to dismiss or skip puzzles that are “too hard” at first glance. This leaves some puzzles forgotten and undone until someone realizes that they’re crucial to progress.


  1. Make a “discard pile” Separate objects in the escape game into a “used” pile and an “unused” pile – that will help to prevent team members from examining the same object again and again. And once something has been used in the game…it`s very unlikely to be needed for another task.


  1. Keep used keys in the locks they`ve unlocked. A key is almost never used more than once. Leave it in the lock it unlocked! This will help prevent the key from being used again, prevent someone else from trying out another key on the lock, and prevent you from accidentally locking the object again.


You`re ready to get locked up now, so BOOK YOUR GAME and have some serious escape fun with us!!!!

Good luck!

A night out in Rotorua: Rotofobia and other night thrills!

What to do on these chilly and dark evenings in Rotorua?!?


Here are some night thrills to keep you warm and entertained! All of the following are located in central Rotorua and you can just walk from one place to another! 🙂




  1. ROTOFOBIA escape adventure for an hour of code cracking escape fun!  or 
  2. THURSDAY NIGHT MARKET or  El Mexicano Zapata for dinner!
  3. PONSONBY RD for our favorite cocktails in Rotorua!




  1. ROTOFOBIA escape adventure for an hour of code cracking escape fun!  or 
  3. THURSDAY NIGHT MARKET or one of the restaurants on or around EAT STREET
  4. POLYNESIAN SPA for a thermal soak!




  1. ROTOFOBIA escape adventure for an hour of code cracking escape fun!  or 
  3. BASEMENT CINEMAS and THE WALL for a movie and indoor rock climbing fun!


Looking forward to locking you up at our escape adventure house!



Family fun in Rotorua starts at Rotofobia Escape Adventure house!

While there is abundance of great outdoor activities in Rotorua, kids will love you if you skip some of the “MUST SEE, MUST DO” spots and take time to do something fun with them …and Rotorua has plenty on offer!!!!

And who knows…you might even find yourself enjoying more than your kids doing any of the following:



The door closes behind you. You are locked in. You have 60 minutes to get out…tick tock…tick tock..

We`ll lock your family up in one of the rooms of our house and make sure you have an exciting time playing your way out! Your mission is to unlock the mysteries of our house, crack codes and escape imaginary yet very real worlds. Excellent family bonding time! Excitement, laughter and fun guaranteed!

Our escape room adventures suitable for families:



5 y/o and under play free!



  Things to do in Rotorua for kids










Get lost or lose your family in the hedge maze and see who can get out first! 🙂 Also lots of gigantic board games and activities and some cute bunnies around 🙂





Have fun with your phone and become part of the art!!!





Read books, explore and participate in library activities! Perfect for some quiet time and it`s right next to the i-SITE! Also a nice playground right next to the library!





Sit back and enjoy a movie or cartoon of your choice right in the center of Rotorua! 🙂





Grab a takeaway coffee from one of the cafeterias and head to this fun playground right on the lakefront of Rotorua and watch your kids play while enjoying your takeaway and wonderful views around!!!



And the list goes on:


Rainbow Springs

Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park

Rotorua Duck Tours




Looking forward to locking your family up at Rotofobia escape adventure house! 🙂


All we want for office Christmas party is ESCAPE ADVENTURE!

Christmas Party at Rotofobia!






This Christmas bring your team closer together and challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before!

Escape room adventure is an interactive and immersive game! It involves locking a team in a room and giving a limited time to find a way out. It`s all about discovery, team-work, communication, mix of logic and thinking outside the box, finding clues, cracking codes, solving puzzles, healthy dose of adrenalin, having fun and finding a way to escape before time runs out!

Contact us now to start planning an exciting escape adventure for your team`s Christmas party!

We can accommodate groups of up to 14 people playing at the same time. We also have a vast themed lobby area with sofas, so there`s an opportunity to arrange larger parties (up to 30ppl)!


Let`s do something different this Christmas together!

To learn more check,  e-mail us at or call 027 527 9660!

Escape those flash spring rains at Rotofobia!

Spring is in the air and all of our Rotofobia team is full back on ready to make sure you have fantastic escape adventures!


Rotofobia opening

We managed some escaping ourselves during the winter months – first, half of our team was enjoying Los Angeles summer heat and escape rooms and then the other half went to Latvia and Estonia to spend time with family and friends and play escape games, of course! All together about 17 rooms played in 2 months, so we`re full of exciting ideas for our future games 😉


Rotofobia was also represented in this year`s Harcourts Dancing With the Stars fundraiser for Rotorua Hospice with Inga dancing ChaCha with her dance partner Steve from Harcourts and was honored to have Rotofobia game voucher auctioned off during the event. We have also supported RBHS under 15yr rugby team fundraiser for their trip to Wellington tournament!


We`re still running our SCHOOL HOLIDAY online promotion – get 10% off when booking & paying online!

 COMING UP: Halloween MADNESS on OCTOBER 31st!!!

Our gift voucher is the hottest gift this Christmas!

Contact us to get your Christmas shopping sorted early 😉

 Plan your company`s Christmas party at Rotofobia!

Bring your team closer together and challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before! Lots of excitement, laughter and fun guaranteed!



To learn more check,  e-mail us at or call 027 527 9660!

Looking forward to locking you (yes you!) up very soon 😉

Rotofobia team


TEAM BUILDING event at ROTOFOBIA escape adventure house!

TEAM BUILDING event at ROTOFOBIA escape adventure house!

Bring your team closer together and challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before! The new and exciting escape room adventure trend provides companies with a fun team building activity! Let’s organize your next building event at Rotofobia!


Wonderful preschool teachers from Kidzworld escaping Rotofobia


Why Escape room adventure games are perfect for team building?

Escape room adventure is an interactive and immersive game that involves locking a team in a room and giving a limited time to find a way out. It`s all about discovery, searching around the room, team-work, thinking outside the box, finding clues, cracking codes, solving puzzles and finding a way to escape!


Communication is crucial to succeed in business. The same is true for escape rooms. There needs to be a good mix of listening and sharing ideas. When employees are put into a challenge like an escape room adventure game together, they are encouraged to improve their communication by their drive to win. Everyone wants to win and beat the clock. The puzzles and clues are difficult, so good communication is the only way to get out.


When you put a group of employees together into an escape room adventure game they have to work together. To escape in time, they will need to use each person’s strengths together. Some tasks could take more than one person to complete. When they work together they are more likely to create a winning strategy. This is the same in business. When teams have worked through an escape room together it helps them to discover each other’s strengths, which makes it easier for them to trust each other.


Business is challenging and the ones that stand out from the crowd are the ones that think outside of the box. The clues and puzzles are not usually easy to spot and things are not always as they seem in escape room adventure games. It takes a mix of logic and creativity to escape! Escape rooms provide the perfect environment for employees to work together with their mix of creativity and logical thinking!


The main reason for doing a team building activity is to have fun and pull your team together. The stress of business can accumulate and lead to being frustrated with each other. That is not the environment that people can succeed in.

Getting everyone out of the office and into a false reality game helps pull them back together as a team.


Start planning your team building event now!

 Rotorua i-SITE cluster meeting at Rotofobia

If you are considering a team building event for your team, contact ROTOFOBIA today to learn more about the new exciting escape room adventure games we offer! Currently we can accommodate groups with up to 14 people playing at the same time. However, we also have a vast themed and cosy lobby area with sofas, so there`s an opportunity to arrange larger events with part of group socializing while others are playing.

Our current escape room adventures are:






We can also provide space for:

  • your next social event
  • a different meeting
  • birthday party
  • Christmas party


To learn more e-mail us at or call 027 527 9660!

Let’s do something different together!

Do something different these school holidays in Rotorua – escape Rotofobia!

Do something different these school holidays in Rotorua – escape Rotofobia!

School holidays in Rotorua

We want to challenge you to do something different with your family and friends in Rotorua these school holidays – bring your family to Rotofobia for an escape room game!

Escape room games are an exciting adventure for families looking to spend quality time together, challenging their mind and working together to escape! At Rotofobia we will lock you up in one of our escape room adventures for 60 minutes of code cracking, mystery solving, bonding, adrenalin rush and fun! And we promise it will keep you discussing for hours and even days after the adventure! 
So how about getting your team (2 to 6 players) organized, escaping your house and coming to our house to play!? Plus we clean up the mess afterwards 😉 and take cool photos of your team after the game!
Kids 14+ can play on their own, but the ones under 14 must have at least one adult 18+ playing with them.

Things to do in Rotorua for kids

We currently have 2 escape adventures to choose from:

“ONE HELL OF A KITCHEN” – escaping from a chef with one hell of a hobby!

“CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” – breaking into the house of a wealthy widow and finding a very expensive black pearl necklace!

The youngest player we’ve had at Rotofobia was 6 weeks old and she slept through the game in a sling while mommy was busy cracking codes and we’ve had plenty of supper excited school age kids enjoying their escapes and bonding with siblings and parents!

School’s out! Time to escape!
BOOK your game now!




Challenge your inner Tarzan and have a 3 hour go at walking, climbing, zip lining and balancing amongst the treetops!  There are 6 different courses and with each course it gets harder and higher! Guaranteed to keep you hot and sweaty & and you`ll probably feel sore the day after 😉



Rotofobia-Book Now

Get locked up in a room with a team of your choice and see if you got what it takes to escape in 60 minutes! With lots of locks, keys, puzzles and riddles it`s all about team work, communication, mystery, heaps of fun for your brain cells and excitement for your senses and guarantees you a daily dose of adrenalin!  And did we mention that it` s a game?! J



Get on your bike or rent one and off you go! You`ll want to be lost in the endless trails of Redwoods for hours!



Ever wondered how does it feel to be inside the washing machine? No?! Never mind…no need to wonder…Zorb is the answer… get ready for a wet & wild ride down the hill in a giant ball…and once is never enough! And it` s a warm machine wash in winter too + there`s jacuzzi for after the wash!


THERMAL SOAK ADVENTURE @Waikite Valley Thermal pools

After all the other adventures jump into these beautiful open air thermal pools in a breathtaking natural setting about 30 km from Rotorua!



Travel around the world to try different flavours… or come to Rotorua Night market and do the same…go local, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chilean, etc….+ get feel the local community vibe and listen to some great music! 


For full list of adventures for every taste and season check out


Adventure is out there! Pick yours! J

With love,

Rotofobia Team

ROTOFOBIA Escape Adventure will open May 19, 2017


Rotofobia Rotorua Review
Rotofobia Rotorua Review

The charming old building on 1282 Hinemoa Street in the CBD of Rotorua is back to life with the new escape adventure house opening its doors this Friday, May 19th adding even more entertainment options to ever growing entertainment scene of Rotorua.


Real-life escape adventure games are a relatively new form of interactive entertainment taking the world by storm. You are locked in a room with a team of your choice and given 60 minutes to escape! Rooms are usually telling a story, there are lots of locks, keys, puzzles and riddles and it`s all about team work, communication, mystery, heaps of fun for the brain cells and excitement for all senses!


Rotofobia team is proud to present its first escape adventure titled: “One Hell of a Kitchen”.

The story is set in a kitchen of a fancy restaurant that has a chef with one hell of a hobby… The players get locked up by the chef and have 60 minutes to escape.


Two more escape adventures titled “Steal it if you can” and “Stripclub” (strictly 18+) are planned to be opened soon, with space for a few more rooms later on.


Escape adventure games are a fun and engaging activity for groups of friends, date nights, families, travelers and team building events. Rotofobia Escape Adventure is also able to host private parties and events, so that the game can be combined with an event after the game.


Bookings can be placed through the website


Rotofobia Escape Adventure is located at: 1282 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua 3010


For more information please contact: Inga Eglite


Cell Phone: 021 201 2743